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2018-2019 Awards

Every year, the Cooperation award provides support to new projects designed by Forum participants. The winning projects will be carried out from March to September and a report will be presented at the next edition of the Forum in October 2019.

In 2019, several projects have been set up thanks to the cooperation of European teams that were created during the 2018 NCG Forum.

3 projects received a grant from Nantes Métropole :


  • Ecotivity school: Ecotivity School brings together 3 European seminars that aim to give the keys to take action at its level, but also to become aware of the impact of the collective to project on a larger scale. On the program: workshops, testimonies, meetings with local actors ... In Nantes, this seminar will take place from 19 to 23 August 2019 and will end with a public presentation event, during which an artistic performance will be held on the theme of ecology.
  • > Facebook page of the project

  • Nature and You: This is a project created by partners from Nantes, Italy, Portugal and Greece. It aims at mixing mix social art, ecology and journalism on the same question: the relationship between people and nature in Europe. The project will result in:

            ◦ Residences and artistic creations of Nantais and Italians in Lisbon, Athens and Nantes.
            ◦ The making of a web documentary throughout the project
            ◦ A final artistic event in Nantes
          > Facebook page of the project

  • EUlobby: The project aims to create a web platform that, through an algorithm, will help European citizens to identify and then contact the MEPs concerned by their interests. The platform, based on the model developed in the US ( will be launched after the 2019 European elections. On this occasion, round tables and debates will be organized in the cities of the project partners in Nantes, Kiev and Lisbon.