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Here are projects that have been showcased during the NCG Forums since 2009. Culture, social inclusion, environment, solidarity, media..., they all have on thing in common: the aim to strengthen the notion of citizenship and "living together".

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PERS - Social cafe

PERS is a social cafe from Torun (Poland). This cafe employs now 5 socially excluded people. PERS  main guideline is to give access to employment to individuals with disability and so,  in the same time, to develop the sensitivity of its guests about this issue. Furthermore,thanks to the organization on the spot of cultural and artistic events, PERS promotes the cultural scene of the region.

Nina / Torun

Inclusive e-democracy

Led by the Institute of Innovative Governance, this project aims to include people with disabilities to e-governance : websites aren’t indeed always necessarely accesible to those people. Thus, Inclusive e-democracy monitors and controls that government websites comply with the WCAG 2.0 standards (Web Accessibility Guidelines).

Anna, Anna / Lviv

Chess For Autism

What if chessplaying could help to overcome autism ? A young chess player, Etien, created the first chess association for autistic children in Albania : workshops and training sessions are organized in public as private places, supervised by young people, students and professionals who volunteers. This project helps children and young adults with autism through chess as well as sport practicing to improve their communication and sensitize people about autism.

Etien, Joana / Tirana

Bisturi Active Citizenship

Citizenship 2.0 – In Portugal, the association Bisturi has been developping an online platform on which every european citizen can express or exchange ideas and opinions about daily topical subjects as political issues. Bisturi posts articles and publications online on its blog but it also organizes open discussions in public spaces : as in shops of the French brand Fnac for example. 

Ana Regina, Mafalda / Porto

Budapest 100

Budapest100 is a spring weekend celebration of the people and buildings around us. The event was funded in 2011 by the Open Society Archives and the KÉK Contemporary Architecture Centre. Budapest100 emphasises the common values of the city’s inhabitants and aims to bring together people from varied backgrounds in the preparation of the event.

Janos, Julianna / Budapest

Woodrock Festival

Be ecofriendly by listhening to music during a 3 day-long music festival in Ghent (Belgium): The Woodrock Festival  promotes the respect of nature, environment and even won the Most-Substainable-Festival Award. Furthermore, thanks to specific outdoor installations, the Woodrock Festival greets disabled people and ensure them a brand new experience.

Bjarne, Martijn / Ghent

One Caucasus Festival

This project aims to create an interdisciplinary festival that would build safe spaces for meetings of young people from Caucasus region and beyond. It takes place in a small village called Tseravki, at the border of various caucasus countries. One Caucasus Festival would promote the living-together but also create a platform to encourage talents to collaborate and create their own projects. By promoting collaboration without borders, this festival aims to pacifically fight against war in this region that is still concerned by various conflicts. The festival would bring around people from different fields (music, architecture...) in order to promote unity in this region.

Salome, Irakli / Tbilisi

Concerts with "K" ("Concerts en K")

The idea of this project is to reunite people from the same district of the city of Nantes during their lunch break by listening to free music , with local artists around noon .

Sarah, Aline / Nantes

I Will Go Dancing On Your Walls ("J’irai Danser Sur Vos Murs")

J’irai Danser Sur Vos Murs organizes artistic performances in public areas in the city of Nantes. It uses dancing, music playing and mapping (light projections on walls). This project wants its members as the audience attending to these performances, to reflect on the concept of Human being and his relation to the walls around him : the walls in the city, at the borders, inside walls … This thinking artistic project also allows professionalization to its members ; in fact, J’irai Danser Sur Vos Murs brings hobbyists as professionals artists together. And through mapping, the city and its historical monuments become new material and means of expression.

Agnès, Blandine, Pierre-Arnaud / Nantes

European Heroes

It is a project that aims to inspire young people and to fight against the european youth’s low level of political engagement : European Heroes provides them on its online platform videos, podcasts and articles with role models and hands-on advices on how to make their voices be heard.

Alin, David / Bucharest

AEGEE Election Observation

AEGEE  works on the young people’s participation in different elections in Europe in order to expose different dynamics linked to the european young population. They aknowledge the crisis of low youth participation in european elections and want to fill the gap by offering professional orientation for young people interested in this field. Also, this project wants to promote diversity by taking observers coming from different backgrounds and countries. AEGEE wants to raise awareness about the living together and strengthen the bonds between the european youngsters. Furthermore, AEGEE Election Observation is the only election observation project that provides a youth perspective on elections in Europe. Since 2014 AEGEE Election Observation has organised over 20 missions around Europe, training and deploying over 400 young electoral observers.

Zahia, Ben Graham / London

Indoor Nature

A garden in the heart of a building : it is the idea 2 young Russian ladies had in order to raise awareness about nature and environment. The project Indoor Nature promotes the developpement of green zones inside buildings and organizes workshops on gardening.  The idea is to implent gardens inside builidings which can then become new spots where people can share and communicate but also organize opening-parties, holding-lectures … For a break, as for a working meeting, this green space can be used !

Elizaveta, Aleksandra / Moscow


This project aims to create a community of engaged people concerned by the issue of a unsubstainable counsumption. The idea is to highlight small eco-friendly actions of everyday life, through workshops and meetings with local actors. Furthermore, thanks to a mentor system, people who just start would be guided and helped by their experienced colleagues.

Mélanie / Nantes

Volunteering Team of the Agricultural University of Athens

Led by 4 university students from the departement of Crop Science, this project aims to participate in different events related to agriculture and ecology. Volunteering Team of The Agricultural University of Athens is  involved in an annual gathering of oranges in favor of people in need and participate to reforestation operations. This humanitarian project helps also its members to strengthen their bonds and so promotes collaboration between different members of the University (postgraduate, undergraduate, professors..).

Nefeli Kleopatra, Markella / Pireaus

School Out of Walls (Ecole Hors Les Murs)

Ecole Hors les Murs helps young people who have been out of school keep getting access to education. Thanks to volunteer teachers, Ecole Hors les Murs provides them lessons and workshops so that they continue to learn and to be accompanied. Leb by the Action Jeunesse Scolarisation Association, this project mainly deals with under-age children and young adults between 14 and 21 years old who are not assumed by the National Welfare Service.

Liza / Nantes

H.O.P.E - Hatay Open Place for Everyone

The project H.O.P.E aims to raise awareness about the refugees amoung the young people from Istanbul. During supervised workshops, H.O.P.E provides them with tools and methods to develop their critical thinking as to distinguish fake news in the medias .Meetings between the local population and the refugees are  organized in order to discuss and overcome some prejudices about the refugees.

Hasan, Bedri / Istanbul

Could Be Non-binary

This project aims to rise awarness for LGBT and non-binary people. To do so, Could Be Non-binary wants to develop new items and objects without predefined gender. The main idea of this project is to show people, espacially the youngster, that alternative point exist in between a bi polar gender (male / female) system. Thus, Could Be Non-binary develops innovative designs for basic items such as clothes, in order to reinvent them and so to overcome commun stereotypes.

Tahakaan / Ankara

Weaving Stories of Silk

This project promotes intercultural collaboration and exchange of ideas. To do so, Weaving stories of Silk aims to do artistic performances in which the audience can interact. The performances are designed to be immersive in order to give people the opportunity to explore the role of art in their lives. The main purpose of this project is to gather people from different horizons in order to analyse art and diversity.

Ioana, Jessica / Leeds

Trapped ("Enfermées")

This project brings to the fore the situation of incarcerated women in France and the differences of treatment between men and women in jail. Enfermées proposes to think about this issue through 3 events : a public radio program show, a dance performence which illustrates the situation of imprisonment and a theatrical conference by the theatrical company « Mauvaise Filles ».

Alice, Clémentine / Nantes


OUT is an audiovisual project which takes place in the Bellevue neighborhood of the city of Nantes. This web-serie aims to diffuse a new image of the district area. It mixes together fiction and reality in a funny way. Inhabitants from the Bellevue area even participated as actors to the shooting of the serie.

Soriba, Mamo, Afed / Nantes

Feel the Diversity

Feel the diversity is a cultural project aimed to build sustainable relations among young people from different societies, provide open mind on multiculturalism, diversity and flexibility. Main objective of the project is to bring internationals and give best experience to them by getting to know each other’s culture while visiting Azerbaijan. As an output they’ll gain experience, knowledge and certificate about participation. The project influences development of tourism in Azerbaijan and in the next years there’ll be more people to desire to visit and get to know our culture. We also expect to learn from them as they’ll present their countries and cultures. Afterwards we’re going to share our project experience so that others are also given chance to take step.

Farid, Afet / Baku


Iammonline is an online platform which diffuses press articles and videos about the main thematic areas : culture, society and actuality. The team is formed by young journalists who target young people audience :Therefore Iammonline is a newspaper « made by young people, for young people ». Iammonline aims to become the new point of reference for all those young people who do not read regularly and who do not know about the many possibilities offered by their city, their nation and the European Union.

Daniele, Gabriele / Parlermo

Theatre On The Road

This project aims to raise awarness about solidarity and environment thanks to theatre. It revalorizes structures, parks, squares, streets, in brief places which are closed or decaying and use them. Based in Italy in the city of Sorevato, Theatre On The Road develops international actions. As an example, it already went to Vietnam and organized workshops about the subject of LGBT in schools.

Carla, Alessandro / Soverato


Magacin is an alternative, self-organized cultural centre run by the actors of the independent cultural scene. It provides means for realization of art events or for developing new partnerships and artistic collaborations. Magacin is open for all individuals and organizations and is free to use. The centre works on the principle of an online platform called "Open Calendar", where one can schedule their own time within three spaces in Kraljevića Marka street number 4 - 8 (Ostavinska gallery, KM 4 and 6, where number 6 is Praksa makerspace). Magacin offers a possibility for building communities and reimagining new forms of governing in the field of arts and culture.

Lana, Ksenija / Belgrade

Nantenne Jeunes

This project aims to create a new space where young people of the city of Nantes could express their ideas and opinions. Nantenne Jeunes organizes radio shows and meetings in order to develop public debates therefore providing ways to develop their thoughts. Nantenne Jeunes aims to sensitize and educate young people to the medias and the information.

Dominik, Diane / Nantes


COJOB is an association from Nantes. It promotes the idea of a collective job research : job seekers are put in touch with other unemployed people so that they can share tools, methods, tips or contacts therefore getting benefits from it while helping the others. COJOB also helps job seekers to overcome the transition period.

Matthieu, Agathe, Elodie, Nicolas / Nantes