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Here are projects that have been showcased during the NCG Forums since 2009. Culture, social inclusion, environment, solidarity, media..., they all have on thing in common: the aim to strengthen the notion of citizenship and "living together".

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Tranzit 2030 produces a series of portraits and interviews of pro-European figures in Romanian civil society who represent a through their profession and civic engagement, represent a model of good practice in the European context.

Bernadeta, Alexander-Grig / Giurgiu


UBUNTU raises public awareness around the practice of the Female Genital Cutting, its consequences and breaks taboos on the female sex. Through various communication tools, such as its travelling exhibition "Excision, mutilated women", the UBUNTU team works in youth spaces, schools and hospital groups to raise awareness and promote prevention around this subject.


New Regions works with vulnerable groups in the city of Mogilev, in particular with LGBTQ+ people. They work in the « most homophobic city of one of the most homophobic countries in Europe ».

Alina, Konstanstin / Mogilev

PERS - Social cafe

PERS is a social cafe from Torun (Poland). This cafe employs now 5 socially excluded people. PERS  main guideline is to give access to employment to individuals with disability and so,  in the same time, to develop the sensitivity of its guests about this issue. Furthermore,thanks to the organization on the spot of cultural and artistic events, PERS promotes the cultural scene of the region.

Nina / Torun

Let’s touch ourselves (Si On Se Touchait )

Si On Se Touchait (Let’s touch ourselves) is a breast cancer prevention organization that is positioned upstream of the usual screening tests (screening tests organized already for 50 years), simply based on touching and feeling ourselves. The objective is to encourage women but also men to become aware that prevention should become a gesture of daily life.

Pauline, Solena / Nantes


In order to enhance urban sustainability the project Cargonomia embraces three different but very complementary activities. The main goal is to promote low-tech, carbon free, urban transport system, to increase the consumption of local organic food and to create an open space for community activities dealing with sustainability. The project’s main actions include cargo-bike transport and rental services, organic food distribution and organization of community events around similar topics through creating a convivial space.

Orsoyla /  Budapest

Inclusive e-democracy

Led by the Institute of Innovative Governance, this project aims to include people with disabilities to e-governance : websites aren’t indeed always necessarely accesible to those people. Thus, Inclusive e-democracy monitors and controls that government websites comply with the WCAG 2.0 standards (Web Accessibility Guidelines).

Anna, Anna / Lviv

Back at seventeen

Back at seventeen is an audiovisual project where people of different nationalities and ages are invited to remember how they were at their seventeen. This project makes a trip to this age of uncertainty of adolescence and transition to adult life. Conducted through personal interviews, the soul of this project is to work on integration of youth, who recently left their seventeen, to seniors, who have almost forgotten their seventeen.

Angela, Yaiza / Torrijos


Klepisko is a unique art hub and theatre situated under a thatched roof. It involves youth and very dedicated young graduate professional actors, artists, musicians and film-makers. Project initiated in summer 2015 situated in abandoned barn in a small polish village, gives opportunity to access cultural events and workshops for kids and residents of the surrounding area.

Jan, Paula / Lublin

My Art Deserves A Home

My Art Deserves A Home is a project set up to encourage homeless people in shelters across Dublin to engage with artworkshops, giving them a positive opportunity to socialise with one another, relax and express themselves creatively. The therapeutic nature of these workshops is particularly beneficial to these individuals who are trying to cope up with a very stressful situation.

Anna / Dublin

Ride for your Rights!

The project aims at raising awareness of the importance of mobility of young Europeans and students among members of society and European stakeholders. Young people from all over Europe take their bikes and cycle across European countries. Two pan- European tours have been organised over the last two years, covering 18 countries and involved more than 500 active cyclists and thousands of supporters. The project has gained thel support of the last two Presidents of the European Parliament, the President of Lithuania and Olympic Gold athletes.

Julian, Nikolay / Vienna - Sofia

KM 0,63

Our aim is to create a small aromatic garden (created with recycled box) as a practice of common act of (re)signification of the Public space. The focus of the project is to create a strong connection between residence and specialized people through a talk and different workshops about the community space perception and participation stimulating a critical reflection. Second step will be an upgrade in Padova with the creation of a permanent MULTIETNIC GARDEN (seed from different countries sent by the same resident involved into the project) and with a creative recycling workshop.

Olga, Camilla / Padova - Venice


CookforCouch brings an option for travellers seeking a place abroad to stay with local hosts. The deal is that the traveller buy the ingredients, prepare a traditional meal from their home country and share the recipe with the host as an expression of thanks for the hospitality. We are focused on the people who seek an authentic experience shared with others from around the world to share a meal and interesting conversation around a table: from poor students and adventure-seekers who want to immerse in local culture, to those who are maybe unable to travel and who are willing to open their homes and kitchens as hosts.

Jérémie / Nantes

Alive and Kicking Neighbourhood

In this project, students live and work in a number of targeted neighbourhoods in Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague which are facing social deprivation. Together with partners such as municipalities and housing associations, students actively contribute to social challenges in these neighbourhoods, by initiating and organizing projects for residents. Thereby, students are given a key role in improving the social environment, such as liveability and social cohesion.

Sarah, Maartje / Amsterdam


Benenova cooperates with local associations in order to prepare short and specific voluntary projects with strong social impact that focus on making the sympathy engagement for all easier. Every citizen, regardless of age or minimal contribution can engage in realization of those projects by sacrificing just a few hours from time to time. 

Laurent / Nantes


The Nizanerie

The project consists in revealing a place, the Paul Nizan Street, and getting the residents involved in the transformation of their neighbourhood. It offers the residents an opportunity to meet and to have solidarity initiatives on a large scale of the common space (public space, vacant ground floor…). The project brings together the authors of the city, whether they are residents or institutions. It plays the role of a mediator and negotiator between those who live in the city and those who make the decisions, in a neighbourhood in the middle of an urban transformation.

Maud, Anne-Lise / Nantes

USE-IT Nantes

USE-IT Nantes is a useful alternative tourism map, it is for free and without advertising, in English, made for young travellers, by locals. Its main objective is to share a selection of cool and unusual places: the sights, bars, places to go out and many other treasures which can be found in Nantes. Thanks to this project Nantes can join a European network of Use-it maps.

 Louis, Ismaël, Lisa / Nantes

Bake cyclocultural track

Promote cycling and develop cultural activities in small towns in Slovakia by organising a cycle route between Bratislava and Kosice.

Michal / Bratislava

Bristol Nature Network

Bristol Nature Network responds to the need for a forum that enables the passionate and talented young wildlife enthusiasts in Bristol to join together by providing opportunities for our members to engage with nature, work with the local community and maximise benefits for themselves, the environment and the city.

Jennifer, Madeleine / Bristol

Poupi Le Nuage

Mix between a speechbubble and a cloud, Poupi Le Nuage is meant to create social cohesion. It incites people to go meet everyone. Poupi likes to travel all over the world and make lots of friend. You can express yourself through it, strike a pose and get an original picture. But it would have been difficult if there was only one Poupi. That’s why it got cloned. Now, everyone can adopt his Poupi to set off on an adventure to the four corners of the world... while travelling as well as during the daily life. 

Tristan, Adeline / Nantes

Danza Nantes

Danza Nantes is a free dance festival that brings together academic and urban dances in the form of workshops and shows. The objective is to allow access to the art of dance as well as provide an open mind on different styles. It’s a moment when young actors from the city of Nantes but also from elsewhere meet and create together.

Louise, Léa / Nantes

Architecture and re-use

This project focuses on the creation of interdisciplinary workshop-based event that will promote the re-use in the field of architecture, object design and art creation. Know-how, inventiveness and ingenuity are applied for the reflection on the reutilization of the materials issued from the re-use in order to offer habitable or poetic structures. Different materials to be re-used will be gained by a selective collection or they will be brought by the inhabitants.

Thomas, Lilian / Nantes


Young people from the KOUAKILARIV’ association teach other youngsters to use a professional camera. They help them to frame their shots, select images and prepare their own exhibition.

Antsa / Nantes

Real Innovative Great Heroic Tasks

Project is executed as a few hours event, between young job seekers and their potential employers. Representatives from the companies give participants current tasks concerning issues that the company is struggling with. Participants try to solve those tasks in order to prove their skills and to show the potential the young people can offer to the companies.

Sanja, Nina / Ljubljana

Inspire your teacher

We believe that teachers are the main driver of academic success. Thus, it is essential to recognize their social mission and motivate them to do even more and better. The campaign Inspire your Teacher aims to activate students and mobilize society to recognize and motivate teachers. The main activities are: workshops in schools, sharing of inspirational contents and a big communication campaign. We want to inspire the world so that the world is able to inspire more and more teachers!

Cristina, Catarina / Lisbon

Youth Ambassadors

15 young volunteers play their part in creating social cohesion by offering advice to local authorities on public policy, in relation to young people, immigration and integration in particular.

Joan and Zinab / The Hague

Utopia Helsinki

Promote access to culture for all young people by respecting their differences and fighting discrimination (on the grounds of disability, sexual orientation, etc.); young people are involved in organising cultural activities and events for young people.

Aikku and Atlas / Helsinki

A case of belonging

Exchange intercultural experiences based on an original play expressing the identities of the playwrights, their conception of borders and their native country, and also their memories.

Sinead and Rachel / Bishop Auckland


The participants aged from 12 to 16 years will get the chance to develop their video skills by exploring and trying out the cultural and social life in their own city, and making video reports about it. Their work will be then collected and displayed on internet, so that peers and other interested parties get an overall picture of cultural and leisure activities in their city. Helped by a mentor, the youngsters will learn how to use a camera, do interviews, and so on.

Shauni, Barbara / Ghent

BioBlitz Student Volonteers

Raise awareness among young people of the environment and address biodiversity and environmental issues. Organisation by 150 young volunteers from Bristol of a major event which they hope to extend to the national level.

Sara and George / Bristol


This educational and social project targets the exchange and promotion of different cultures of the urban hip-hop dance style. During an international forum in Nantes, several European dance groups should gather in order to strengthen the passion of hip-hop dancing the young French people have, as well as to familiarize the broader public with this urban culture by the means of shows, schools of dance, workshops and others.

Esthelle, Nathan, Sabrina / Nantes

Precious Plastic Ukraine

Precious Plastic Ukraine - an open workshop for recycling plastic into interior and exterior items. Additionally it is a crowdfunding of plastic where every citizen can donate plastic for the furniture that will be located in the public places. We want the citizens to think that plastic is a precious resource and we want them to bring plastic to our workshop for recycling instead of throwing it away.

Veronika / Odessa

RE-BON, Nantes gleaning network

RE-BON project objective is to act specifically to reduce the food waste and to raise awareness about this topic among citizens. One of the core activities done by the volunteers is the collection of the fruits and vegetables meant to be trashed by the agricultural concerns. This food is further used and redistributed by charity associations. 

Flavie / Rezé

Against Discrimination and Hate Speech

"Together against Discrimination, Nationalism and Hate Speech" : The project effects on the reality of human right violations and empowers students with the skills and knowledge needed for acting against discrimination, nationalism and hate speech. It is based on peer to peer approach and enables school students to become multipliers and to promote combating human right violations in their schools, which guarantees long term impact and follow up of the project. 

Gubaz, Sulkhan / Tbilisi

Minorities around the world

A network formed by students from several European countries to produce and publish studies to raise awareness of cultural and linguistic minorities which are threatened with extinction.

Mariya and Agnija / Brussels

Paint the City, paint it yourself

Paint the City! is a community project to beautify neglected public facilities which are used every day. Since the April 2013 the inhabitants of Bratislava have been using bus-stops decorated by artistic elements. The goal is to bring the joy of the use of those facilities so that they serve their purpose with dignity, and also to encourage citizens themselves to greater solidarity and responsibility for their environment.

Slavomir,  Maros / Bratislava

The city is yours

The city is yours is a mobile cultural center with the purpose of taking the participants to undiscovered places in their own city as a way to create social mobility and break down segregation walls. That way participants get the opportunity to form their opinion based on their own experiences rather than on stereotypes and prejudices. We use hip hop culture with focus on breakdance as a platform to create a new and natural interaction among people beyond the district boundaries. Everybody can make a unique interpretation from dance grounds and, in this way, have the freedom to create and find himself in the process. 

Ernesto, Daniel / Goteborg

Losing the Threat: Knitting in Time

"Losing the Threat: Knitting in Time" is a project that aims at using knitting as an activity to spend time together and create a final collective design project. The objective would be to set a group of knitters through an open call. After learning the basic knitting techniques, three designers from different cities will be invited to co-design the final project with the knitters.

Angela, Lucia / Naples

Unjam the City!

Organizing events to promote cycling in town. Publishing a guide to help young people to set up projects and campaign for the introduction of facilities for cycling.

Joanna and Bartosz / Szczecin

Asociación Social 21

Social 21 is a non-profit organization that adopts a pro active business and local development stance. Our strategy revolves around three main dimensions: social entrepreneurship, local development and Corporate social responsibility. The aim of the project is to create and divulgate new economic development models which are more sustainable.

 Israel, Jesus / Sevilla

Radicalisation LookOut !

The Radicalisation LookOut! builds around an observatory on the Far-Right and populism and the production of information campaigns targeted at the European youth aged between 14 and 25. The project aims to inform on the threats these parties and movements represent for Europe, directly to youth, in and out of learning environment. Information shall create a virtuous circle of involvement and activism, thus defeating the culture of ignorance and fear on which populism thrives on.

Sebastiano, Francesca / Pavia

Everybody loves French accents

This project will create a place of communication where young people from France will have the opportunity to practice English while discussing with each other or with the volunteers around the interactive installation that will further integrate the visitors of the site. The main objective is to encourage French people to speak English and to allow them to open themselves to the world.

Tiphaine / Nantes


Discover your town through photographs: young people organise their own photo marathon in Nantes, Saarbrücken and Tbilisi to promote and deepen relationships between young people in these three twin towns.

Anna-Rebekka and Joséphine / Saarbrücken

Amigos for children

Amigos is a non-profit initiative helping children suffering from chronic diseases. Our team consists of university students who are eager to make the world a better place. We want to ease the pain and brighten the days of children through learning languages and playing. In addition to learning, the team also provides psychological support for children and parents alike. Moreover, we educate young students on social awareness, so the volunteers also develop social sensitivity.

Kartal, Kim Evelin / Budapest

Youth political cinema club

Cultivation of a culture of youth civil activism, free discussion and critical thinking by screening controversial and debatable political films, inviting expert lecturers, hosting discussions, creating atmosphere of tolerance and respect of human rights.

Nadezda and Timofey / Moscow


OK CORRAL Studios and Residency: Young artists supporting young artists: workshop and residency for 20 young graduate artists. Support the launch of young artists onto the art market and facilitate mobility throughout Scandinavia for them.

Troels and Phillip / Copenhagen

Objectif Solutions Alternatives

Production and distribution of a video documentary highlighting new initiatives for a sustainable development in the United States. Educating young people in sustainable development issues.

Pauline and Florian / Nantes

Exchange your Exchange

We want to change the perception of Central Europe by giving exchange students from all over the world the opportunity to try “Erasmus life” in different cities: Brno, Vienna, Bratislava and Prague. This would be a unique chance to experience these four beautiful cities, their cultural heritage, special local traditions and of course to enjoy their never-ending nightlife.

Michal, Nena / Brno

Role of Art and Culture Entrepreneurship on Social Reflections

The project aims to share the examples which created social benefits in the artistic and cultural field within the frame of social entrepreneurship. This project (first of its kind in Turkey) is developed and organized as a series and creates awareness about living together. It also creates a ‘shared space’ for the people with different backgrounds.

Bilge / Istanbul

Chess For Autism

What if chessplaying could help to overcome autism ? A young chess player, Etien, created the first chess association for autistic children in Albania : workshops and training sessions are organized in public as private places, supervised by young people, students and professionals who volunteers. This project helps children and young adults with autism through chess as well as sport practicing to improve their communication and sensitize people about autism.

Etien, Joana / Tirana

Blackport Design Kollectiv

Students from the Pforzheim Design School organise artistic activities and shared experiences with young people. These activities area aimed at developing the creative industries and the appeal of their towns, ending the isolation of students and reinforcing the bond with local residents.

Janusch and Simon / Pforzheim

The Chlamydia lottery

Organizing an impactful communication campaign on the risks of unprotected sexual intercourse.

Sofie and Ellis William / Goetborg

Synaxis Baltica

Create an international network to share experiences based on the concept of community gardens and guerrilla gardening, spread the idea throughout Europe and create a community garden in a district of Potsdam.

Katrin et Antonia / Postdam

Ride a bike to promote your Start-UP

The goal of this project is to promote start-up projects in ecological manner by riding a bike. This is an economic means of transport that preserves natural resources. The project sensitizes new generations to use less the car and ride bicycles for their daily travels. Also create an approach in sports, socializing and living healthier. This would be the best way to inform, encourage youth to get involved in business projects and innovative ideas.

Elisa, Kejsi / Tirana

Youth Media Days 2013

The second edition of the Festival analyzes deeper the problems and issues faced every day by the young Italian journalists, trying to develop proposals and solutions. In particular, we showed new successful models of media business, both Italian and European, because we believe that a real change can start from the bottom, thanks to the dynamism and the will powers of the young workers. We would try to show innovative and creative approaches which can save our future!

Martina, Flavia / Napoli

JOBNET – Fighting youth unemployment

JOBNET is a research on youth unemployment led by youth. It was conducted in 6 countries at the same time and the results have been put together in a conference and in a final research paper. The youth groups didn’t have prior experience on research, but following the principle “nothing about us without us” and using innovative methodology, the final research paper includes accurate quantitative and qualitative answers about current situation in Europe on youth unemployment.

Liene, Liga / Valmiera

Minority in Majority

Organise artistic and fun events and activities for 30 young people from 6 different countries belonging to an ethnic minority or majority in their respective countries. Facilitate mutual understanding and shared experiences in a spirit of creativity and citizenship.

Oksana / Vilnius

Refugees Welcome Romania

Refugees Welcome Romania project aims to connect asylum seekers and refugees with hosts who are willing to provide their spare rooms as accommodation or in any way help the people in need. The purpose of the project is to provide a housing solution for asylum seekers and refugees and at the same time promote cultural exchange between households and the asylum seeker/refugee community.

Bianca Nicole, Alexandru / Bucharest

Breaking tour

BREAKING TOUR is a project that supposes a creation of a mobile studio that would make a tour of Europe in order to meet the activists of different urban cultures. The main idea is to highlight the groups, communities of artists, associations and others, thus creating dynamic of exchange among the European youth through the common activities such as music recordings, radio broadcasts, reports and so on.

Antoine, David / Nantes

Picnic Festival for human Diversity

Large picnic with music and lectures for free with over 6,000 visitors in a park of Goetborg. Philosophy: Constantly working for and not against.

Anna, Kalle, Sebastian / Goetborg

Young Dance Laboratory

Since four years Young Dance Laboratory combines verbal and non-verbal forms of expression in order to explore new aspects and new forms of artistic work. Working together as a company, being part of it and at the same time being someone special – these are some of the experiences. Current project “No play about love” examines how the youth deals with love.

Dominique, Sina / Dortmund

Taking part workshops

Improvement of the mental health and wellbeing of people suffering from common mental health problems, increasing their access to local services and improving relationships between primary care and the 3rd sector.

Victoria and Mathew / Wallsend

Student School for Sustainability

A school of sustainable development at the university to raise awareness among young people, facilitate public involvement and develop projects.

Léa / Rijeka

Enter the Void

Enter the Void is a 2-year international project among the cities Berlin, Amsterdam, Riga and Budapest. Our project aims at designing public spaces (and the according policies) where self-organised events can take place legally and with a simplified bureaucratic procedure. We want to set up a dialogue between young people and decision makers, flanked by multi-disciplinary experts, to facilitate the access of young people and their (sub-)cultural practices to urban space.

Arno, Ramon / Berlin, Amsterdam


Create a community via a website open to young volunteers carrying out their European Voluntary Service (EVS) in Spain, which could eventually be accessible to all young people travelling to Spain.

Alberto and Victoria / Valladolid

Me and Society

The group with 20 members will be established, out of them 10 deaf-and-dumb youth and 10 GoriUniversity students who will attend master class of photography, with practical photo-taking part on the topic of “Me and Society”. Participants will communicate with each other only in a non-verbal way, in order to make equal conditions for everyone and also to feel how it is to be deaf-and-dumb. In addition all of them will express their feelings and emotions through their photos.

Nona, Teona / Tbilisi

A map of precious memories

The idea of this project, realised in 2012, was to combine two concepts: collecting of inhabitants’ memories and promotion of the Warsaw district Ursus, in order to raise awareness about the history this quarter has to offer and also to strengthen the sense of local identity that the new inhabitants often lack. To connect the new with the old, the stories collected were hidden and possible to be found by the means of geocaching internet platform.

Magdalena / Warsaw


Create a media platform to allow young journalists to break into the working world. Publishing content on the website gives these young people the opportunity to express themselves freely and to be active citizens.

Nikita / Budapest


"DISCO STEW" project aims to be a better place to discuss urgent problems on democratic processes in our country, role of civil society in the democratic renewal, active citizenship and other social issues.  The young people will make a big soup (or stew) to develop better atmosphere for face to face communication in an environment conductive to freedom of speech in order to learn from each other and to build the future together.

Liana, Hayk / Yerevan

Equal opportunities for men and women

Identification of the problems of gender inequality within Georgia and an information campaign according to the results of the research, identification of the role of globalization as it pertains to gender equality.

Tamari and Tamar / Tbilissi


Goal of Silvertrace is to imagine audio-visual in the future and to begin to put it in practice by seeking to replace the digital gaps. For many years now, films and videos were created in very similar ways. However, a whole load of new technologies are being created that allow us to imagine new ways of filming, modifying and sharing audiovisual creations. At the moment, we are creating web series, 360° videos and soon we hope to dip into virtual reality.

Patrick, Nathalie / Nantes

News from Saarbrücken

The project offers to young people from Saarbrücken and Nantes the possibility to discover similarities and specificities of those two twin cities by the means of youth exchange or workshops led by young people that will focus on the mobility in Europe, the initiatives and the involvement of the youth and the place of interculturality in the European context.

Linda, Emaleu, Sandrine / Nantes

Art Stations

The project aims to support internally displaced people, especially youngsters, and give them a chance to express themselves through visual art. We organize ART visits to internally displaced people camps, offer free workshops, bring results, show the problems and get people involved. We see ART as the best way of self expression, starting point to talk about the problems, ideas, starting point for dialogue and integration.

Davit, Teona / Tbilisi

Globeconteur - Living stories of territories

The objective of Globeconteur is to collect and share local stories and lyrics gathered from volunteers inhabitants, mainly from the elderly. The project is based on the involvement of citizens, territories and the creation of an internet platform. It invites to share values of solidarity, memory and peace among different generations and cultures.

Vincent, Leslie / Nantes


Create a web radio station, Monza Web Radio, to give a voice to young people who feel that they are players or have something to say and want to express themselves in an original way.

Sara and Francesco / Monza

Circus Giovanni

Circus Giovanni – a multinational group of 18 young people – is composed by artists, musicians, clowns, dancers and jugglers. We meet once a week in Vienna (Austria) to improve our skills and to discuss our next projects. Our mission is to give our audience the feeling that everybody can be an artist, and that it is great fun to be creative and active. Another very important aspect of our circus is, that we are organized in a direct and democratic way. The equality of each person is really important for us, so we don’t need a head because everyone should be able to realize his*her ideas. 

Hanna, Theresa / Vienna

Around U

Around U is the online magazine of the Dortmunder U  - a centre for arts and creativity - where young people can depict their view and their individual perspectives of culture and their everyday reality also. Around U was founded in order to help young people develop journalistic skills in new media, especially as a blog by the objectives art and culture. In essays and interviews the self organized group of young people covers several topics which are underlined by photos and videos.

Wesley, Diana / Dortmund

Multilingual Lithuania

„Multilingual Lithuania“ was initiated in order to encourage Lithuanians to learn foreign languages. It is created to highlight the importance of the language and culture learning. The main idea of the project is that international students from different backgrounds (usually Erasmus students) are volunteering and try to become language teachers for Lithuanians.

Auguste, Ieva / Vilnius

Let’s Do It Greece

This project lies within the idea that all of us, no matter how different, have something to contribute to our communities. Living and working together, getting to know each other, we can promote progress, become active citizens and realize we are not alone in our efforts. The largest concurrent volunteering campaign in Greece, with more than 109.000 volunteers (or 1 % of the population) coming together, in a single day, to clean up and improve their communities across the whole country.

Anastasios, Ioannis / Athens


Showing people that they should first think about their own space "where everything is changing without them".

Konstantine and Teimuraz / Tbilissi

Flintshire Theatre Forum

To involve, consult and engage with Young People within their communities in Flintshire through the medium of drama. The project is particularly aimed at increasing participation and ensuring that the voices of the hard to reach groups and minority ethnic groups are heard, listened to and acted upon. The Youth Forum develops short, thought provoking dramas based on current issues and then gives groups and individuals the opportunity to comment makes changes and offer solutions to the situations/dilemmas depicted in the drama.

Joseph, Kezia / Mold


Fairbnb is a collaborative Peer2Peer accommodation platform that lets anyone list their apartment/room for short periods while contributing to the wellbeing of the city. Rentals, guests, hosts and neighbors could collectively decide together with municipalities how to make the rental process fairer, more sustainable and rewarding for the whole community. Profits would be invested back into the communities where the platform operates.

Damiano, Vincent / Rome

Sun City 2011

Teaching the youth to affect their own environment and giving the people in the city the possibility to enjoy this creativity. Development of the city environment.

Teresa and Kieram / Helsinki

Youth Media and social rights

To facilitate access to rights and social services for young African Portuguese speakers in deprived areas of Lisbon and involve them in community activities via a magazine, radio station and blog.

Dynka and Raquel / Lisbon

Music Career Path

The "Music Career Path" is a project for young talented artists and musicians who don’t have the means to enter Polish or international music scene. The project is based on three main assumptions, which are also determinants of volunteer activities - youth, activity and talent. Besides the music, project also aims at first aid education and drug and alcohol prevention. The whole event culminates with the Jeżowe Rock Festival, where selected participants will perform.

Rafal, Zuzanna / Jezowe

Malycium Lab’

Malycium Lab’ is a DIY tearoom, a place for exchanges, creativity and discoveries, bio and local products (mainly homemade) with an objective of zero waste. It’s a moving tearoom in a caravan accompanied by its relaxation area in Flex yurt with retro vintage atmosphere and the sweetness of swing music!

Saskia, Camille / Rezé

Big Window Walk

The Big Window Walk is a drawing art project initiated in Ghent. Together with local artists, Britt Raes draws on the windows of houses and shops. It is a form of street art that can be enjoyed from the inside and the outside. The goal of the project is to create a Big Window Walk, through different cities and countries and in that way unite the local citizens and international artists.

Britt, Jana / Ghent

Microvolunteering Consultancy Service

"Free Microvolunteering Consultancy Service targeting non profits": To learn more about the benefits of microvolunteering. The consultancy service is free and open to all interested charities. The consultancy process involves providing personalized advice to charities who want to create microvolunteering tasks, recruit or coordinate microvolunteers and/or improve their existing microvolunteering projects. 

Luciana / Bucharest


Graffhistory is an artistic project that aims to promote interest in the history of the city by graffiti. The goal set is to paint murals on the walls of the neighbourhood where the story of the city will be told. Intention is to show that young people can also help to improve the city and its common places and that graffiti is not vandalism but a way of art expression and an important part of urban culture today.

Raul, Sergio / Gijon

A couple of thieves

A couple of thieves is a show inspired by a silent movie, of a mime and a clown. The goal consists in bringing together an audience that is both valid and invalid, of different nationalities, of contrasting social situations… to exchange and to share with the silent and its universal language: the body. “Forgetting our differences to share a moment together”.

Alexandre, Lukas, Vanessa / Nantes

Exchange zone

Supporting international students. The project  involves correlated activities in several spheres: an article consisting of a written in English report of a Polish student who participated in an exchange in a given country; testimony of an Erasmus student currently residing on the exchange in Poland, organizing thematic dance event with the SC Blabel, where one can personally get to know the representatives of a country.

Jacek, Martina / Chelm

Rose + EXI(S)T

The project aims to start by a theatrical poetic proposition and bring the audience to think and to express itself on the concept of commitment. The show "Rose" describes the evolution of two characters in search of reality, facing the immersion in today’s society. After the show, the audience moves to a different place, a place for discussion and animation, aiming to offer the audience concrete means of interpellation, thinking, meeting, expression, commitment.

Sacha / Liège

Centro TAU

The project is developed in the neighbourhood of Palermo Zisa, an "urban periphery", it provides social, cultural and artistic activities, media education, made through workshops, initiatives and events; the activation and consolidation of processes of promotion of young, local development of European Citizenship and youth leadership.

Carmela, Daniela / Palermo

LeaderSHE Club

This club was created as a platform for future projects, network development and sustainability of Young Women Leaders’ Academy. The club’s activity is to support young people in the process of their education and career determination, promote social and civic attitude, help people who are less-fortunate and to respond to immediate needs of the society.

Cristina, Cristina / Chisinau

Man (woman) Behind the Uniform

To change the hostile behaviour that young people display towards adults in uniforms, a model was developed that consists of ten weeks course where the youth gets to meet the uniform careers in their work environment. They get the chance to try some of their daily work thus creating good dialogues and discussions that lead to better understanding for each other.

Abed, Janina / Gothenburg


Relaas is an organization which celebrates the art of storytelling by hosting a monthly storytelling night where performers share their authentic stories. It is a project of Na Ons De Zondvloed, a bunch of friends that intends to create new media art together with young media talents. Relaas wants to engage performers and audience in a shared emotional experience via the art of storytelling and sharing stories online via podcast. Each month, Relaas hosts a storytelling night. The stories told that evening are recorded and turned into a podcast that they share online for free. 

Timon, Dieter / Gand 

My first job. How to apply?

"My first job. When, where and how to apply!" : The theme of our project is increasing the access of young people on labour market. We organize different activities: workshops from how to communicate with people near us till how to communicate with future employers and which is the behaviour that bring us success; interactive debates and round tables, training sessions about how to use different tools: Europass CV, intention letter, etc.

 Ionela, Eduard / Pitesti

Revelation site

The idea behind this project is to transform the construction site from a place of disturbance to an area where creativity and exchange can thrive thus creating an observatory of the changes made within this urban laboratory. This revelation will allow us to integrate the future users in the construction process, to encourage their curiosity and to initiate relation between the construction site and the exterior.

Charlotte, Anaïs / Nantes

Festival "l'Ere de rien"

The banks of the river Sèvre in Rezé (close to Nantes) host the free spring festival "l’Ere de rien" that brings together not only the local creative initiatives but also the young emerging groups of the international pop and rock scene, mostly from the whole Europe. Ambition is simple – leave the beaten paths and offer an original festival full of flawless programme and open and casual atmosphere. It is a week-end of discoveries and exchange.

Nathan / Rezé


LOOK @ U is a project of photography workshops realized in 2012. 18 young people from 4 countries took part in it with the help of local associations. Everyone choose a report topic concerning his environment about which he expressed a point of view in images. Afterwards, a portrait photo of every participant in his daily life was taken. 

Solène - Nantes

Byte to Unite

Our project is all about improving the lives of young people in Cardiff. Each year an issue is raised through a national campaign and we work on the top issues voted on in Cardiff. Curriculum for Life has been a top issue for the last 3 years and young people have been working together to create positive change for young people in Cardiff around PSE and Mental health Awareness.

David, Sophie / Cardiff

No Limit

The project was created in order to make art and culture accessible and affordable to EVERYONE! It brings intergenerational sharing of art and culture among all; children, youth, elderly and also people with disabilities. No Limit creates projects concerning body and danced movement by propagation, creation and production of events.

Oriane, Laissa / Nantes

A book of proposals for political and social awareness of youths

The Network is an open group of 50 young students that through meetings closely or online exchange views and prepare proposals for Katerini, a small city that struggles with youth unemployment. This project will create a social organisation for young people of this city and promote youth work and social participation. “Without adopting any progressive solutions for a more sustainable future, the situation won’t get any better.”

Zafeiris, Dimitros / Katerini

ReBuilding Democracy

This project encourages a dialogue between Ukrainian and European youth about democratic processes in their countries and their possible improvement. The aim is to encourage active youth participation in building society, developing relevant skills, cultural exchange, informal education and youth cooperation.  The project is created by Ukrainian youth for everyone from Europe who is interested to make a step further to understand the situation in Ukraine.

Yevgeniya, Viktoria / Kiev

Rhodes Model Co-operation

"Rhodes Model Regional Co-operation" follows the tradition of Model United Nations conferences. The participating students have the opportunity to attain the role of diplomats, one per each country and simulate the proceedings of an organ of a regional International Organization. The simulation follows the protocol and rules of procedure of a normal ministerial meeting. The economic crisis, energy, the environment, human rights, security and education are some of the topics the young diplomats might be called to discuss. 

Michael, Magdalini / Rhodes 

Interreligious dialogue for Peace

The project aims to initiate inter-religious dialogue through radio auditions and discussions among young people from various religions. It was initiated by two young activists from Poland and Switzerland and the main objectives are to start inter-religious dialogue, to encourage civic education by getting to know diverse religions, to fight discrimination and to exchange good practices.  

Andreas / Warszaw

Exchange from Nantes to Sevilla

"From Nantes to Sevilla, meetings, artistic exchange and intercultural action" : The main points of the project are: the common creation mixing the theatre and music and the French language with the Spanish language; the co-animation of workshops with children, the youth and adults from schools; the realization of a forum about the social intervention made by art.

Laura / Nantes


This long−term project of Erasmus Student Network (ESN) was initiated by a group of few young people in 2009/2010 and it was developed to increase the participation of students with disabilities in mobility, and make Erasmus Student Network an accessible organization. A sub-part of ExchangeAbility Project, Mapability, aims to create a map about the accessibility and services of European Higher Education Institutions for students with disabilities, in order to provide them with practical information to be more confident about participating in study mobility programs.

Joanna (Poland, Cracow), Karólína (Iceland, Reykjavik) / Brussels

A fitness trail without a dime

"Rebuilding Curonian fitness trail without spending a dime" : Curonian island is a place of nature in Lithuania, in the list of UNESCO guarded territories that has to be taken care of by people and government. There were four fitness trails in the whole Curonian island built about twenty years ago. Yet only the remains are left now. Local government does not take this into serious consideration of rebuilding and saving the uniqueness of the land. Most of the time their answer is “We do not have money for this”. So… we decided to show them how it can be done without spending a dime!

Andrius, Marija / Klaipeda

Undivided Europe

Undivided Europe is a website which has been running since autumn 2014. The objective is to inform Europeans about what’s going on in their continent and to challenge them to exercise their European identity via interactive projects.  Undivided Europe promotes a Europe without internal divisions and believes in collaboration between Europeans on both political and grassroot level. The site offers a unique European mixture that fits to all. 

Juuso / Kangasala

WOman (Work of man)

Young women struggle with unemployment problem as well as time gender inequality and inequality of opportunity. There are big prejudices against the employment of female employees even if they are qualified. WOman project aims to create an equality of gender and opportunity especially in the area of employment, to raise awareness about it and increase awareness and familiarity of EU’s values.

Esin, Mert / Izmir


Promoting and supporting youth mobility (Europe and International), social integration of youngsters children and youth with disabilities through the organization of activities and the involvement of young volunteers in local associations.

Shqiponja / Altamura

Over the spot

This project tries to offer a different point of view on European countries, such as Italy or Greece, different from the idea we have of their current economic situation often stereotyped by the media. The goal is to promote initiatives of the individuals and associations of those countries who succeeded to organize different activities in social or business area despite the difficult situation in their countries.

Francesco, Theodora / Athens

Rel TV

We make creative and informative videos. The most important part of our project are local online media. In these media we disseminate short videos made specifically for Internet. It explains cultural and political news as well as association’s events. In the future, if this project could grow, we will show our job to young people with social exclusion risk. They will learn to explain stories and make videos, and their videos will be disseminated in our media. 

Luis, Daniel / Figueres

Social cohesion clinic

The project deals with problems like social exclusion of vulnerable groups of citizens due to their limited ability to exercise their rights and social exclusion of recent law graduates from the labor market due to a lack of work experience. We consider equal opportunities in enjoyment of citizens’ rights to be prerequisite and a main pillar of social unity and cohesion. The project brings together law students and recent graduates with vulnerable groups of the society in order to help them benefit from mutual cooperation and therefore foster social cohesion.

Roman, Andrii / Lviv

Bandsalat special prize 2014

Young people between 14 and 30 were asked to participate in a short film competition with a special topic of “International Week against Racism”. The aim of this project (that takes place regularly every two years) is to make young people involved and think about problems such as racism nowadays and how everybody can do something against it. The results were presented to a broader public during an award ceremony.

Zoë, Mato / Saarbrücken

Nabu magazine

Nabū is an original format magazine, printed on quality paper, with funny and quirky content, all made by young people for young people. The magazine about Nantes and its region is edited every three months and is for free. A dozen of volunteers work in writing, visual design and advertising in this magazine. Nabū involves Nantes youth and highlights local dynamism while offering entertaining content. 

Marion, Margaux / Nantes

Walking Encyclopedia

Walking Encyclopedia is a social project aimed at raising the level of education amongst the citizens by implementing an alternative educational method: people are given the chance to place their offer (via webpage) by stating what kind of knowledge/skill they are willing to teach and what kind of knowledge/skill they expect to acquire in return.

Nikoloz, Taso Gvantsa / Tbilisi

The Essay contest "European values"

Sharing ideas about citizenship, democratic and market-oriented reform, youth leadership, and the ways that Belarus can create avenues for youth to participate in the political and economic spheres.

Denis and Dzimitry / Minsk

Sustainable Development & Western Balkans

The project consists of a road-trip which facilitates the immersion in the target territory, taking the pulse of the advanced Sustainable Development and of the green.project local initiatives, mainly through exchanges with the local concerned actors. The aim is to state, after an initial inventory, what innovation has been made regarding our criteria, and this in a very different context. Nantes being the Green Capital, the group wanted to take the occasion for looking at the Sustainable Development abroad from a new angle.

Maxime / Nantes

Belgrade sound map

Belgrade Sound Map was initiated with the aim of mapping, recording and presenting the narrative heritage and atmosphere of urban communities.  The project brings the legacy of older generations closer to younger generations through the use of new media. Simultaneously, it explores the city’s untold stories, presents them to visitors as well as to residents and uses the medium of sound to bring the interviews and atmosphere to life. 

Virdzinija, Bojana / Belgrade

Radio Jeans Network

Renew the radio media in Europe and the Mediterranean area in order to foster to the circulation of ideas among young people in schools, universities and leisure centers, by organizing trainings (technical and journalistic) and developing international meetings.

Alessandro / Genova

Youngster, Be an Active Citizen!

"Youngster, Be an Active Citizen in Europe!" : The aim of the project was to invite young people to become more active, strengthening their European and civic identity and mutual cooperation and doing it through practical engagement. The project had an integration dimension, involving youngsters of many different nationalities from Latvian, Russian and Polish schools. Two methods were used – simulation games and creative workshops – to work on two topics highly relevant for the EU and Latvia in particular: European Year of Citizens (2013) and the upcoming Latvian EU presidency (2015). 

Kristine, Diana / Riga

Zines of the Zone

ZINES OF THE ZONE is a european library specialized in self-edited photograph books (or photozine). It not only shows the images, as it also uses the book as an experimentation field. These strange objects, produced in most of the cases on a low cost basis and limited in the number of copies, draws always the attention of collectors. Victims of their success, they get quickly out of stock and inaccessible. We want to make these objects visible, permanent and to be freely consulted.

Julie, Guillaume  / Nantes

Foodsharing Katowice

The project is about creating a place in which everyone can leave some food that they don’t need but it is before the expiry date. In this way the food is prevented from being thrown away, and at the same time people in need can take the food from a special cupboard in the public place (restaurant). Our aim is also to integrate the local community.

Anna, Kamila / Katowice

Young Dogs

Young Dogs is a Young Academy for Documentary-Film, addressed to young Europeans interested in journalistic and creative work with film. The heart of this project is the weekly documentary-film-workshop scope, for everybody between the age of 15 and 25. During the workshops the young filmmakers learn how to use the basic divisions of film-work. The workshops invite young people to be curious, to take a look, to listen, to see the world sharper through a camera lens, to work together and keep the independence to go their own way. 

Nina, Kathrin / Dortmund

El Mercado

El Mercado is a community market day to promote sustainable consumption and support young locals, musicians, artists and cooking enthusiasts within the community. The objective is to bring young artists, musicians and community members together to enjoy a communal space while promoting sustainable consumption. 

 Katie, Cristina / Utrecht


The project aims to raise awareness about the "caregivers": persons who help regularly and voluntarily at home one or more of their ageing relatives for health reasons. Cyclosocial consisted in collecting testimonies of "caregivers" and presenting them on a cycling exhibition in 23 different places in one month. 

Valérie, Elodie / Nantes

Europe Dance Way Project

Europe Dance Way Project combines travelling, meetings, creating a video report and developing a website with a database, all around the dance theme. The project objective is to make the information about dance as accessible as possible to amateurs and professionals and to raise awareness about this art to a wider audience. Three girls are travelling across Europe to make interviews of amateurs and professionals in order to make a video report about dance in Europe.

Lola, Maëlys, Jordane / Nantes

Room à la Rom

This project encourages exchanges, dialogues, meetings and reunions about the Roms culture during an artistic, entrepreneurial, radiophonic and participatory event. We organise an evening Room à la Rom: which gathers the French and Roms culture in the center of attention in a curious interaction (room, space and time) to make them accessible through art and friendliness.

Marlène / Nantes


Artist MashRoom is a project of a web site, a search engine and a social platform that wants to share knowledge on mobility of artists’ initiatives. The MashRoom system was created by six young Italian people, with the common interest for art and social inclusion. Thanks also to other social and artists’ associations the team understood how difficult and heterogeneous is the cultural and artistic reality in Europe and, then, started to find a way to create a site where this various reality could be agglomerated. The project was born inside a working group, during a Knowledge Management University course.

Simone, Sarah / Turin

Move and build together

It is a project of an international youth camp in Nantes and the Loire-Atlantique department which will allow young people from all around the world to start a project of general interest together and to live a collective experience while developing skills. The goal is to enable mobility, meeting and cultural exchange of young people while educating them to major environmental issues.

Nino, Marine, Léo / Rezé

Student Kick-Off

Student Kick-Off is the non-profit organization located in Gent. This organization is responsible for the opening festival at the beginning of the academic year. It was founded in 2006 by a group of student leaders.  This large festival is completely organized by student volunteers. Student Kick-Off is “for students, by students” and it lets students experience the organization of such a big festival. It is meant to be a training institution for all students who want to learn more.

Jan, Jochen / Ghent


A cross-border platform that unites media makers and activists from three countries. Its aim is to give voice to youth and cover the topics often ignored by mainstream media as well as connect people from three neighboring countries (Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova) to produce content together. By joint work, it is possible to extend one’s network, break stereotypes and create important stories.

Anna / Lviv

De pas à pattes

The project Pas à pattes aims to bring together children with social or family difficulties and shelter animals. The goal is to change their relationships with others and allow them to recover their self-confidence. Among the main actions of this project: workshops to the shelter where the children presented the animals to the public; making pictures of animals, etc.

Maude / Nantes


Fragmenta is a dance installation initiated by Nicolas Vamvouklis that investigates the configuration of the city landscape and the porosity of the human body. It aims to map the urban territory, bringing together in the heart of the city its residents (without age, gender or performing experience limitations). Symbolically charged public spaces are re-visited and dynamically lived anew through observation, interaction and spontaneous movement.

Nicolas, Olga / Milan

Spruce Up Europe

Spruce Up Europe is a project of short documentaries and a website about young people renovating old houses to transform them into the social and cultural spaces. The objective is to gather the data about old house projects, to raise people’s awareness about the patrimony to avoid the destruction of old houses and to show the creative side of youngsters.

Rita, Marine / Crestuma 


Intercultur’aide is an association that helps to assist unaccompanied foreign minors living in the Nantes region. We work together with non-governmental organisations based in Nantes and we organise school support workshops and trips for them every weekend.

Lisa, Pauline / Nantes

Marché flottant bio

The idea would be to create a market on barges to allow regional producers to sell all products, fruits, vegetables, seeds, flowers, etc, from bio agriculture. Willing to get closer to the Loire and Erdre rivers, Nantes people expressed during a debate their attraction to water and the lack of opportunity to enjoy it. Adjustable project, it could be a turning platform of Nantes local life, communication places around the rivers, a place of use of local money “So Nantes”, exhibition venues, carrying goods by waterway, solar panels on the barges roofs etc. This project is an opportunity for the people of Nantes to find in one place organic and local products while looking at their rivers from a different perspective.

Stanislas / Orvault


Youth to Youth is a project with the aim of making young refugees active citizens through relations with ethnic Danes. It was initiated by Danish Refugee Council Youth Network and the main objectives are to make relations across ethnicity and to make refugees become active in volunteering which is meant to be a part of being an active citizen.

Rikke Cecilie, Andreas / Pandrup

GrAFiTi Theaterfestival

GrAFiTi Theatre Festival is a student initiative of border theatre, which allows an exchange between different theatre groups. The objective is to encourage the student theatre in the “Greater Region” (Germany-France-Luxembourg) and to exchange with other European troops. The festival is special because with each edition it changes the border. In June 2015, the sixth edition of graffiti festival in the Greater Region was held in Saarbrücken. To strengthen relations between the city of Saarbrücken and the city of Nantes, a troupe from Nantes has been invited to participate.

 Diego, Juan / Saarbrücken

Facing the world

Facing the world is a Franco-Georgian group of young actors and dancers working on the "Growing Up" theme. This project offers young people to come together around a theme that fits their current situation and let them question the contemporary context of their emancipation, verbalize their fears, their perspectives, their hopes, through the artistic medium. It emphasises different kind of profiles and encourages the expression of various points of view.

Aurélie & Lucie / Nantes 

Collective Art Neighbourhood

The CAN is an independent project reuniting two complementary approaches: “The CAN InResidence” and “The CAN OpenHouse”. The project promotes young artists from Romania and from abroad and its objective is to create a non-restrictive space for young artists and start-ups, to help them to create their projects, as well as to create a cultural network rooted in Romania. 

Anna / Cracow

Alive Book

Alive Book is an alternative to social network in a library. The project was created by active Kharkiv youth and its main objectives are to organize some live meetings in libraries, to involve speakers and to organize some special evenings such as film screening or book presentations. 

Anastasiia, Anna / Kharkiv

Golden Envelope

Golden Envelope is the new project at ACI (Anti-Corruption International), youth led initiative is dedicated to fighting corruption and to mobilizing and empowering youth. The main objectives are to empower youth with tools to fight corruption and to raise general awareness about corruption. 15 thematic committees in total explore corruption within a thematic focus and a global anti-corruption campaign is planned. They intend to use art and creative media along with more traditional approaches used by young people around the world to effective positive change.

Ania (Poland, Liszki), Olga (Macedonia, Skopje) / Dublin

Fruta Tinta Feia

FRUTA TINTA FEIA is a research project for cooking recipes and for making natural inks with fruits and vegetables. It is realized in collaboration with a cooperative organization working in the field of fruits and vegetables and it invites consumers to share their recipes and to participate in each stage of the creation of natural inks and silk-screen printing of a book.

Elise / Nantes

Solidarity Sandwich

Solidarity sandwich is a project that aims to collect products for homeless shelter, share sandwiches in exchange for one product and mainly sensitize the local community to see the problems of homeless people in our town. Our students won the 3rd prize in the video competition of NGO organisation "Žmergo" ("Plate full of humanity"). We collected 262 products that were given to homeless people in exchange of 200 sandwiches.

Katarina, Marina / Rijeka

La Tricyclerie

The Tricyclerie is a project set up to collect bio-waste by professionals riding cargo-bikes, in order to compost the waste in urban and suburban areas. Through this activity, the aim is to face key issues of the local territory such as recycling of bio-waste in urban areas. It also intends to develop soft mobility as future urban logistic solutions.

Coline / Nantes

Paillettes & Chocolat

Paillettes & Chocolat (Glitters & Chocolate) is a creative, participatory and itinerant workshop which aims at developing the “extra in ordinary life”. It concerns visual arts, theater, crafts, sharing of knowledge, sewing, gardening etc. The target group are residents from 7 to 77 years. The main idea is to create an area for real art expression of all inhabitants.

Clémence, Hermès / Nantes


The objective of the Glimpses project is to promote the work of musicians, to spread it beyond borders in order to raise awareness of people about the European music scene. The protagonists of this project record videos of acoustic sessions from musicians coming from all over Europe, who create modern music based on a traditional heritage.

 Aymée / Nantes


L’affiche (The Poster) is a dynamic artistic project offering renting and selling of artworks. This concept brings an artistic renewal, while supporting the creators and valuing the crafts. Photographs, paintings, sculptures, designer objects can be used to brighten up events or temporary spaces.

Sabrina, Simon / Nantes

Draw me an adventure !

Dessine-moi une aventure (Draw me an adventure) is a unique personal and evolving project, created by a young artist and traveller. The aim is to confront various themes: travel, art, music and creation of social links among people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Elodie / Nantes

Battle: Russian roulette

Battle project mixes all dance styles from electro to contemporary dance through hip hop, everything in an original and crazy concept. In every round except the final round, each group of 3 dancers turns the wheel (wheel of fortune) that will give a restraint to the opposing team. The project is also attached to the ecological issues which is kind of rare in a dance battle. It is mainly visible in the construction of the wheel and the trophies from recycled materials and in asking the participants and dancers to come by public transport or carpooling.

Marion, Alan / Nantes

Galerie fontaine

La Galerie fontaine, a mobile, flexible and scalable exhibition space, is a way for student artists to develop their artistic practices and define collective approach. The main objective is to create a network of emerging artists, develop a space for exchange, organize exhibitions, create partnerships etc.

Michael, Alexandra / Nantes

Youth tackling Hate Speech

Youth peer learning for Tackling Hate Speech is a project that was created to combat hate speech, strengthen human and individual rights and promote intercultural dialogue between migrants and residents in Amadora, Portugal. It is carried by Bué Fixed-Associação de Jovens, a youth organization that leads a campaign to prevent from hate speech and to support those who suffer from its consequences.

Mario, Monica / Amadora

Rails Girls Beograd

Rails Girls Beograd are a part of the global Rails Girls community. Their aim is to beat the rumour that programming is not for women. They organize regular and teenage workshops to help women to step into the IT world, learn them some new skills and motivate them to start seeing programming as a creative tool for accomplishing their own ideals.

Sandra, Milica / Belgrade

See your options and get to know professions

The project target is to help kids understand their options, interests, capabilities and further development opportunities provided by educational institutions. Playfully solving small practical tasks, kids acquire useful skills in further life while at the same time making insights for professions that can be learned at RTVS (Riga Trade Vocational Secondary) school. This project also helps kids with no parents to better integrate in the society and professional field.

Evija Aija, Krista / Riga

DIY Skateparks in Bratislava

There are several abandoned public spaces in Bratislava. And since there are also many young people on the streets with no particular activity, we decided to involve them in the realization of a collective project which aims to create Do It Yourself skate parks. The tactic is to clean and cultivate the place firstly, then to built concrete obstacles that would liven up the spot and invite artists to paint these obstacles. Lastly, there are events held that are open for general public.

Teodor / Bratislava

Youth Activism Durres

 Youth Activism Durres is a project which aims to promote and encourage democracy and transparency in policy making and responsibility of state institutions towards citizens. For that purpose, we created a youth community in Durres, Albania. Our wish is to give young people opportunities and ideas to express their life problems in the public space.

Enkli, Xheni / Durres

Rainbow Youth Centre Kirjava

Rainbow Youth Centre Kirjava is a Finnish youth centre dedicated to propagation of acceptance and support for young LGBTs. Created by the initiative of 6 young people from the city of Espoo, it is now supported by the services of the municipality. Its main targets are youth aged from 13 to 28 years. The centre runs numerous activities to promote the positive discrimination towards LGBTs.

Jere, Sinna / Espoo

Salt, Pepper and Kapow

Kapow is an association that invites artists from all over the world to collaborate and create new projects. The aim is to build a bridge between art, culture and cuisine. The project invites international artists to gather several original works and create a collective intercultural book.

Vincent, Julie / Ghent

Adjara multicultural history

The idea of this project is to contribute to the preservation of intangible cultural heritage in the region of Adjara, Georgia, by encouraging young people to create family trees. Encouraging them to be interested in their family stories, to talk to their parents, to discover authentic traditions and forgotten folklore, the project aims to promote integration and social cohesion in the region.

Liubov / Kobuleti

Awake the world

The Awake the world is a narrative project that arises from the idea that everyone needs to wake up to come to realize that violent extremism is posing a threat to our democratic societies, to emphasizing tolerance and shared values. Initiatives are based on awakening tolerance and respect in each individual instead of passing this responsibility to his or her community.

Irene, Jara / Madrid

Expressions Nomades

La Caravane (The Caravan) is both a mobile studio and an art library of impressions and collaborative editions. General goal of this project is to encourage sharing activities and experience around the issue of multiple and publishing. The heart of the project is facilitation of linocut workshops. The association also creates a collection of art library by adding its own productions and by organizing interactive workshops with other artists in order to produce collaborative editions (fanzines, linked books, etc.).

Alexandra, Pauline / Nantes

Bialowieza forest - European natural heritage

 This project leads to cooperation of young generation from Poland and Belarus with regard to preservation of Bialowieza forest (Polish-Belarusian border), which is the oldest natural forest in Europe. It is about expanding awareness of issues concerning the forest, which is made through artistic installation and also about organising workshops to discuss the possibilities of international cooperation (Poland and Belarus) within developing tourism infrastructure.

Olga, Veronika / Warsaw

Youth participation ‘s-Hertogenbosch

The project is focused on self-development, reaching higher goals together, finding our own talents, developing our confidence and letting our voice speak to help others to accomplish the same aim. Its activities include introducing the methods of installation projects and cultural events, or using the experience of older members to pass on this experience to other young people through a program "ambassadors".

Peggy, Kyra / s-Hertogenbosch

Faire Uni Saar

Faire Uni Saar is a project concerning student awareness of fair trade and responsible consumption. This project was created in collaboration with academic institutions, civil society and students. Thanks to the project, the university in Saarbrücken, Germany, obtained an award for being the first German university engaged in fair trade in 2014.

Christine, Meike / Saarbrucken

Youth Forum: ACT, ReACT, ImpACT

The main aim of the Youth Forum is to attract youth aged 18 – 35 to discuss, analyse, reflect and confront the new media representations of migrants and refugees. The participants will analyse the stereotypes applied, identify the hate speech but also discover how to apply positive new media storytelling and how the migrants and refugees turn from an object to a subject of the media representation.

 Shemsedin, Ana / Skopje

Be a Volunteer of Your City

The aim of the project is to foster active citizenship among young people in Tbilisi and to help inactive young people to develop their leadership qualities, so that they would be able to take an active part in their youth lives, not only as participants but also as a creators of their own projects. This program has two general parts; firstly organising trainings for participants about fundraising and lobbying and secondly creating and implementing 4 micro projects in different parts of Tbilisi, named: “Moving Library”, “Paint Your City”, “Camera in Action”, “Green Bus for Tbilisi”.

Rusudan, Natia / Tbilisi

Bisturi Active Citizenship

Citizenship 2.0 – In Portugal, the association Bisturi has been developping an online platform on which every european citizen can express or exchange ideas and opinions about daily topical subjects as political issues. Bisturi posts articles and publications online on its blog but it also organizes open discussions in public spaces : as in shops of the French brand Fnac for example. 

Ana Regina, Mafalda / Porto

Budapest 100

Budapest100 is a spring weekend celebration of the people and buildings around us. The event was funded in 2011 by the Open Society Archives and the KÉK Contemporary Architecture Centre. Budapest100 emphasises the common values of the city’s inhabitants and aims to bring together people from varied backgrounds in the preparation of the event.

Janos, Julianna / Budapest

Woodrock Festival

Be ecofriendly by listhening to music during a 3 day-long music festival in Ghent (Belgium): The Woodrock Festival  promotes the respect of nature, environment and even won the Most-Substainable-Festival Award. Furthermore, thanks to specific outdoor installations, the Woodrock Festival greets disabled people and ensure them a brand new experience.

Bjarne, Martijn / Ghent

One Caucasus Festival

This project aims to create an interdisciplinary festival that would build safe spaces for meetings of young people from Caucasus region and beyond. It takes place in a small village called Tseravki, at the border of various caucasus countries. One Caucasus Festival would promote the living-together but also create a platform to encourage talents to collaborate and create their own projects. By promoting collaboration without borders, this festival aims to pacifically fight against war in this region that is still concerned by various conflicts. The festival would bring around people from different fields (music, architecture...) in order to promote unity in this region.

Salome, Irakli / Tbilisi

Concerts with "K" ("Concerts en K")

The idea of this project is to reunite people from the same district of the city of Nantes during their lunch break by listening to free music , with local artists around noon .

Sarah, Aline / Nantes

I Will Go Dancing On Your Walls ("J’irai Danser Sur Vos Murs")

J’irai Danser Sur Vos Murs organizes artistic performances in public areas in the city of Nantes. It uses dancing, music playing and mapping (light projections on walls). This project wants its members as the audience attending to these performances, to reflect on the concept of Human being and his relation to the walls around him : the walls in the city, at the borders, inside walls … This thinking artistic project also allows professionalization to its members ; in fact, J’irai Danser Sur Vos Murs brings hobbyists as professionals artists together. And through mapping, the city and its historical monuments become new material and means of expression.

Agnès, Blandine, Pierre-Arnaud / Nantes

European Heroes

It is a project that aims to inspire young people and to fight against the european youth’s low level of political engagement : European Heroes provides them on its online platform videos, podcasts and articles with role models and hands-on advices on how to make their voices be heard.

Alin, David / Bucharest

AEGEE Election Observation

AEGEE  works on the young people’s participation in different elections in Europe in order to expose different dynamics linked to the european young population. They aknowledge the crisis of low youth participation in european elections and want to fill the gap by offering professional orientation for young people interested in this field. Also, this project wants to promote diversity by taking observers coming from different backgrounds and countries. AEGEE wants to raise awareness about the living together and strengthen the bonds between the european youngsters. Furthermore, AEGEE Election Observation is the only election observation project that provides a youth perspective on elections in Europe. Since 2014 AEGEE Election Observation has organised over 20 missions around Europe, training and deploying over 400 young electoral observers.

Zahia, Ben Graham / London

Indoor Nature

A garden in the heart of a building : it is the idea 2 young Russian ladies had in order to raise awareness about nature and environment. The project Indoor Nature promotes the developpement of green zones inside buildings and organizes workshops on gardening.  The idea is to implent gardens inside builidings which can then become new spots where people can share and communicate but also organize opening-parties, holding-lectures … For a break, as for a working meeting, this green space can be used !

Elizaveta, Aleksandra / Moscow


This project aims to create a community of engaged people concerned by the issue of a unsubstainable counsumption. The idea is to highlight small eco-friendly actions of everyday life, through workshops and meetings with local actors. Furthermore, thanks to a mentor system, people who just start would be guided and helped by their experienced colleagues.

Mélanie / Nantes

Volunteering Team of the Agricultural University of Athens

Led by 4 university students from the departement of Crop Science, this project aims to participate in different events related to agriculture and ecology. Volunteering Team of The Agricultural University of Athens is  involved in an annual gathering of oranges in favor of people in need and participate to reforestation operations. This humanitarian project helps also its members to strengthen their bonds and so promotes collaboration between different members of the University (postgraduate, undergraduate, professors..).

Nefeli Kleopatra, Markella / Pireaus

School Out of Walls (Ecole Hors Les Murs)

Ecole Hors les Murs helps young people who have been out of school keep getting access to education. Thanks to volunteer teachers, Ecole Hors les Murs provides them lessons and workshops so that they continue to learn and to be accompanied. Leb by the Action Jeunesse Scolarisation Association, this project mainly deals with under-age children and young adults between 14 and 21 years old who are not assumed by the National Welfare Service.

Liza / Nantes

H.O.P.E - Hatay Open Place for Everyone

The project H.O.P.E aims to raise awareness about the refugees amoung the young people from Istanbul. During supervised workshops, H.O.P.E provides them with tools and methods to develop their critical thinking as to distinguish fake news in the medias .Meetings between the local population and the refugees are  organized in order to discuss and overcome some prejudices about the refugees.

Hasan, Bedri / Istanbul

Could Be Non-binary

This project aims to rise awarness for LGBT and non-binary people. To do so, Could Be Non-binary wants to develop new items and objects without predefined gender. The main idea of this project is to show people, espacially the youngster, that alternative point exist in between a bi polar gender (male / female) system. Thus, Could Be Non-binary develops innovative designs for basic items such as clothes, in order to reinvent them and so to overcome commun stereotypes.

Tahakaan / Ankara

Weaving Stories of Silk

This project promotes intercultural collaboration and exchange of ideas. To do so, Weaving stories of Silk aims to do artistic performances in which the audience can interact. The performances are designed to be immersive in order to give people the opportunity to explore the role of art in their lives. The main purpose of this project is to gather people from different horizons in order to analyse art and diversity.

Ioana, Jessica / Leeds

Trapped ("Enfermées")

This project brings to the fore the situation of incarcerated women in France and the differences of treatment between men and women in jail. Enfermées proposes to think about this issue through 3 events : a public radio program show, a dance performence which illustrates the situation of imprisonment and a theatrical conference by the theatrical company « Mauvaise Filles ».

Alice, Clémentine / Nantes


OUT is an audiovisual project which takes place in the Bellevue neighborhood of the city of Nantes. This web-serie aims to diffuse a new image of the district area. It mixes together fiction and reality in a funny way. Inhabitants from the Bellevue area even participated as actors to the shooting of the serie.

Soriba, Mamo, Afed / Nantes

Feel the Diversity

Feel the diversity is a cultural project aimed to build sustainable relations among young people from different societies, provide open mind on multiculturalism, diversity and flexibility. Main objective of the project is to bring internationals and give best experience to them by getting to know each other’s culture while visiting Azerbaijan. As an output they’ll gain experience, knowledge and certificate about participation. The project influences development of tourism in Azerbaijan and in the next years there’ll be more people to desire to visit and get to know our culture. We also expect to learn from them as they’ll present their countries and cultures. Afterwards we’re going to share our project experience so that others are also given chance to take step.

Farid, Afet / Baku


Iammonline is an online platform which diffuses press articles and videos about the main thematic areas : culture, society and actuality. The team is formed by young journalists who target young people audience :Therefore Iammonline is a newspaper « made by young people, for young people ». Iammonline aims to become the new point of reference for all those young people who do not read regularly and who do not know about the many possibilities offered by their city, their nation and the European Union.

Daniele, Gabriele / Parlermo

Theatre On The Road

This project aims to raise awarness about solidarity and environment thanks to theatre. It revalorizes structures, parks, squares, streets, in brief places which are closed or decaying and use them. Based in Italy in the city of Sorevato, Theatre On The Road develops international actions. As an example, it already went to Vietnam and organized workshops about the subject of LGBT in schools.

Carla, Alessandro / Soverato


Magacin is an alternative, self-organized cultural centre run by the actors of the independent cultural scene. It provides means for realization of art events or for developing new partnerships and artistic collaborations. Magacin is open for all individuals and organizations and is free to use. The centre works on the principle of an online platform called "Open Calendar", where one can schedule their own time within three spaces in Kraljevića Marka street number 4 - 8 (Ostavinska gallery, KM 4 and 6, where number 6 is Praksa makerspace). Magacin offers a possibility for building communities and reimagining new forms of governing in the field of arts and culture.

Lana, Ksenija / Belgrade

Nantenne Jeunes

This project aims to create a new space where young people of the city of Nantes could express their ideas and opinions. Nantenne Jeunes organizes radio shows and meetings in order to develop public debates therefore providing ways to develop their thoughts. Nantenne Jeunes aims to sensitize and educate young people to the medias and the information.

Dominik, Diane / Nantes


COJOB is an association from Nantes. It promotes the idea of a collective job research : job seekers are put in touch with other unemployed people so that they can share tools, methods, tips or contacts therefore getting benefits from it while helping the others. COJOB also helps job seekers to overcome the transition period.

Matthieu, Agathe, Elodie, Nicolas / Nantes

Les Aventuriers de la Transition

Les Aventuriers de la Transition(The Adventurers of Transition) aimto raise public awareness on the ecological transition and promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle. In order to support this transition, they create fun and creative workshops.

 Elena, Clément / Nantes

Label Ville

 Label ville offers an artistic and cultural journey through various workshops and meetings that allows the different artists involved to reappropriate the city and meet audiences who do not always have access to art and culture.

 Mathieu, Romain / Nantes

Rendre Visible L'Invisible

Rendre visible l’Invisible (Make visible the invisible) addresses the theme of confinement through dance and speech. The project brings together dancers from a variety of backgrounds, and promotes the mixing of cultures and styles in a choreographic performance.

Victoire, Edith / Nantes

The Right to Exist

Le Droit d’Exister (The Right to Exist) is an artistic initiative developed with the “Compagnie Mirifique”. It wishes to share the daily stories of each person and thus engage in dialogue on taboo, intimate and sensitive subjects. Through this performance, Le Droit d’Exister testifies to the need to express oneself and to exchange ideas in order to move forward.

Anne-Claire, Laramie, Louise / Nantes

Recto Verso

Recto-Verso is the result of an encounter between a musician and a dancer who share their experiences and universe. Together, they create a choreography, live music that immerse the audience in a singular and interactive performance.

Valentin / Nantes

Ordinary photo exhibition

The VESKI association wishes to give a voice to those who no longer have it through an artistic and creative approach. The goal of the Expo Photo Ordinaire (Ordinary photo exhibition) project is to support homeless people in their creation of photographic content and their dissemination on a local scale.

Jérémy, Thomas / Nantes

The Phoenix Game

Le Jeu du Phoenix (The Phoenix game) brings together a dozen dancers of all ages and backgrounds around choreographic videos featuring both the dances of the worlds and emblematic and/or unknown places in the city of Nantes. The project promotes multiculturalism and urban dance.

Ambrine, Monamey / Nantes

Small Nantes feet

The aim of Petits pieds Nantais (Small Nantes feet) is to raise awareness, mobilize and share around environmental and societal issues in Nantes, in particular through the co-organization of climate walks, the creation of associations to maintain family farmer agriculture, etc. In this way, it wishes to contribute to the protection of the environment and the development of a more sustainable lifestyle.

Etienne, Antoine / Nantes

BOREMPO - Bordeless Embodied Politics

BOREMPO aims at boosting political imagination and making political participation accessible to the inhabitants of the city overcoming the dichotomy of citizen’s/non citizen’s. In order to do so, the team wishes to create a social carnival, a moment in which political issues and debates are taken collectively to the streets of the city,recentering the public agora using arts and periodical meetings.

Chiara, Irene / Turin


Demos uses smart solutions such as new technologies to reinvent democracy systems and to push the transition into new e-democracies. To do so, it wish to create a digital platform (apps & web page) through which citizens can engage directly in local politics and to implement this system in town halls.

Patricia, Diego / Valladolid

Europe on Track

Europe on Track is run by young volunteers who aim to raise awareness, to create a space for discussion and to capture the opinions of youth in Europe on important social issues. 6 ambassadors in 2 teams (one videographer, one photographer and one interviewer) travel by train across Europe in 1 month to deliver workshops and interview young people.

Florina Marieta / Europe

Youth changing the world

Formation of peacemakers that will work in their region to solve problems and also to reduce the risks of conflicts between the population of different ages, cultures and origins.

Sanda-Daniela / Chisinau

Game design for inclusion

This project develops social games that address social issues such as discrimination, disability or societal taboos. By bringing together people with different educational, cultural, age and mobility backgrounds in the same play space, this project creates an experience between contemporary art and theatre, educational and inclusive that encourages players to reflect and position themselves on current themes.

Elena, Olga / Minsk

Europe Calling

Europe Calling is a podcast born from the encounter between two Europeans who discuss the advantages and disadvantages of European citizenship and their consequences in everyday life. They interview people from Europe and beyond looking at legal aspects vs. reality.

Bettina, Benjamin Joel / Frankfurt

Identità sconfinate

Identita sconfinate is a project led by students who wish to build a network of partners driven by the same solidarity and intercultural dynamics around the migration issue. To counter the racist arguments of some policies, the collective raises funds to buy DNA tests for different ministers to prove in a scientific and offbeat way that racial difference is non-existent.

Rosa Maria, Gaetano / Padergnone

Kids destroying stereotypes!

The project aims to erase boundaries between orphans and children from full-fledged families by uniting them in a 4-day camp with a focus on outdoors activities as well as social interaction. Children will get to know each other through sports, art therapy and group sessions with psychologists.

Daria / Mariia

KNOW YOUR REFUGEES! - La città ti apre le porte

Know Your Refugees! offers the opportunity for Bologna residents to discover all the existing organisations and services that help asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, through a giant treasure hunt.

Cristina, Nicholas / Bologna

Memoirs through murals

Memoirs through Murals is an intergenerational project, working with local schools and the current residents, to capture stories of their town, to then commission and work with national artists to bring these stories to life by creating a number of bespoke art murals spread across the town. From this they will design and print an art trail book, show casing all the stories collected locally.

Cassie / London

Breaking stereotypes

Combating racism and fostering tolerance of young people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania by fighting traditional and new stereotypes, training specialists working with youth and education of young people.

Diana, Natalija, Oksana / Vilnius


Open Café is an interactive two-hour workshop aimed to promote an open and inclusive society. It’s an opportunity for youth, for locals and internationals to meet, get to know each other, practice English and learn new things. Since May 2019, Open Cafe is now being held in 5 countries in Europe.

Yaryna, Michal / Rzeszow



The project raises awareness and expands on the opportunities to promote cycling as a viable, daily public transport mode amongst young people.The project includes training for students and schoolchildren, meetings with decision-makers and street events (cycling march) to promote cycling and road safety.

Neli, Zurabi / Tbilisi

The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life encourages organizations and individuals to collect paper scrap and exchange the collected amount for trees that could be planted around the city (participants chose the place themselves). In 2019 the project managed to collect 14,5 tonnes of paper waste and resulted in 290 new trees planted in and around the city.

Anna / Tuymen

GET IN ! Inclusion of youngsters in community life

The project Get In! supports inclusion of young people from vulnerable groups by creation of community centers in rural areas. The project is initiated by Association of International Volunteering from Moldova in partnership with Arm Active (Armenia), Euro FRC (Poland) and EuroSud (Italy), all of them being NGOs that are working in their countries in order to create opportunities for young people.

Olga, Marina / Chisinau


The project offers a training based on the 3Rs concept (refuse, reduce, recycle), where participants learn to produce less waste and develop their own projects for their schools, the starting point for a progressive improvement of the environmental situation at the local level.

 Iana, Illia / Saint-Petersburg