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NCG on Tour 2014

12 Nantes young people in Greece, Bulgaria and Georgia

Like every year since 2012, several youngsters from Nantes travelled this summer all over Europe this summer in order to meet with former participants to the Nantes Creative Generations Forum.

The goal for these youngsters is to:

- To understand the motivations of other young people to get invloved in projects
- To discover the actions they develop

In 2014, 12 Nantes young people aged 18 to 25 years spent a few days to travel from Nantes and to visit the Greek island of Rhodes, Sofia, Bulgaria and Tbilisi in Georgia. For most of them, it was a first experience abroad. 

Once there, some members of the 2013 NCG Forum were ready to meet them and present their projects related to the fight against discrimination and the promotion of international mobility.

For these 12 Nantes youngsters, NCG on Tour was the opportunity to live a first international mobility experience, to discover a foreign country, to meet other young Europeans, to discuss with them in a foreign language and to discover inspiring projects.

During their stay, each group has made photos and videos. These pictures were presented at the 2014 NCG Forum from October 22 to 25 in Nantes.


NCG On Tour 2014 : Georgia - Tbilisi
NCG On Tour 2014 : Greece - Rhodes
NCG On Tour 2014 : Bulgaria - Sofia